A short and tidy trim which involves taking the entire coat tight using a clippers.  This trim allows for easy maintenance and suitable for dog’s with an active lifestyle outdoors.

Clip And Scissor

This trim is cute and fluffy and is commonly referred to as ‘The Teddy Bear trim’. It suits most small breeds and cross breeds. The body of the dog is clipped using various blade lengths and the legs are scissored. This style is very popular.


This trim involves scissoring the entire dog by hand and is more specialised. It leaves the ultimate finish on the coat. It can enhance and accentuate their shape.

Hand Stripping

Hand-stripping is a technique that retains the proper texture of a dog’s coat. This is done by hand only using a plucking motion. Certain breeds with wiry coats are hand-stripped so that dirt and water don’t penetrate through to the skin. A hand-stripped coat must never be clipped. Jean offers this service also and has hand-stripped Border Terriers, Cairn Terriers, Norfolk Terriers, miniature schnauzers and small terriers.


Dogs shed at different times of the year and some shed more than others. Factors that affect the way a dog’s coat shed include genetics, diet, breed, season, and the frequency of removing the undercoat. If your dog is shedding a lot why not book them in for a de-shedding treatment. Specials Grooming Rakes and tools are used to remove the dead coat so your dogs coat will look healthy and shiny again.

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