Here at the Muttley Crew, We offer a variety of Grooming services. Your doggie will be treated like one of our own in our professional custom built State of the Art Dog Grooming Studio.

Grooming Options

Full Groom

A professional groom that is tailored to your dogs breed and lifestyle.

  • Firstly, the hygiene areas and under pads are clipped free of hair.
  • A health check is carried out on the dogs ears, skin, coat, nails and gums.
  • Each dog receives 2 warm washes and is lathered in suitable shampoo leaving him smelling fresh and clean. Tea tree or aloe Vera to soothe irritated skin, brightening shampoos for white dogs, general cleansing or medicated shampoos.
  • Each Dog is then dried using the fluff-dry technique and his coat brushed out and detangled.
  • The body, legs, paws, head and tail are clipped/scissored and styled accordingly.
  • All nails including the dew claw are clipped.
  • Doggie cologne and a bow finishes the groom.

Wash and Blow Dry

This is a popular option for soft fluffy coated breeds in between their regular full grooming appointment. It can help prevent matting.

  • A wash and blow dry includes all that is carried out in a full groom except the body and legs are not trimmed.
  • The head and paws are tidied. Nails are clipped and ears sanitised.

Nail Clipping

Dog’s nails require regular trimming if they are not getting worn down enough from the ground outside which acts as a nail file. Sometimes the nails can curl so tightly and embed the skin which is very painful and can lead to an infection.  These will be trimmed along with the dew claw.

Hand- Stripping

Hands stripping means to strip the Dog’s old dead coat in order to retain the proper harsh wiry texture of new coat growth. This is a specialised process that is done by hand and involves a plucking technique or motion. No clippers is used to cut the hair.  Many wire-haired terriers have this carried out particularly for show.  The harsh outer coat can also keep the dog dry in rain. Please ask for more details.

De-Shedding Treatments

Dogs shed at different times of the year and some shed more than others. Factors that affect the way a dog’s coat shed include genetics, diet, breed, season, and the frequency of removing the undercoat. If your dog is shedding a lot why not book them in for a de-shedding treatment. Specials Grooming Rakes and tools are used to remove the dead coat so your dogs coat will look healthy and shiny again.

Health Check

A health check is carried out on each pet prior to grooming. This can bring to attention any health matters that may otherwise go un-noticed that may need veterinary referral.

  • The skin will be checked for any irritation, foreign bodies, dryness or skin conditions.
  • Nails checked and clipped to avoid any corkscrew curling.
  • Ears are checked for any inflammation or signs of infection and excess hair or debris are removed.
  • The teeth are checked for tartar build up and gums for signs of inflammation.
  • Your pet’s coat is inspected also to ensure its shiny and healthy and not lacking lustre.
  • Lastly the underpads are examined for clumps of matted hair and dirt that entwine together to form hard stones causing extreme discomfort for your pet.

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